The Development

Public Utilities

Hampton Park offers the benefit of public water, sewer, and natural gas to all lots.  Most of today’s custom home communities fall outside of the service district for these utilities – leaving residents with well water, septic systems, and bottled propane gas (which all come with a variety of costs, issues, and drawbacks.)

BGE Electric Service is run underground providing a high level of stability and security to our homes. This also enhances the aesthetics of the community by eliminating overhead power lines.  Comcast / Xfinity & Verizon / FIOS service are available in the community as well.

Baltimore County Services including curb-side Trash / Recycling collection, Snow Removal & Road Maintenance are all provided in Hampton Park.

Green Development

Rain Garden Example 1

Rain Garden Example 2

Rain Garden Example 3

Rain Garden Example 4

Hampton Park was designed with Green Development Practices being a top priority.  From the early stages of planning it was of utmost importance that any development plan accomplish the following goals: Preserve as many of the old “specimen” trees and natural forest buffer as possible and preserve & restore the two existing Historic Homes on the property; Protect a sizable percentage of undisturbed land designated as forest conservation and community space; and Handle all storm water runoff on-site, eliminating any negative environmental impact, in terms of water quantity and quality, to our surrounding neighbors.

These goals were achieved by implementing a self-imposed 50% reduction in housing density (as compared to zoning rights), thoughtful layout and design of the roads and infrastructure, and an engineered system of “rain gardens” for storm water management.

Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens have been strategically placed throughout the community to manage storm water quantity and quality on-site. These features will be beautifully landscaped to create natural looking garden beds while functionally maintaining an environmentally conscious neighborhood.

Homeowners Association

Hampton Park HOA: The HOA dues are $900/year and are meant to cover expenses shared by the community including: Maintenance of common spaces (Entry and Circle), as well as rain gardens.

Hampton Park Utility Co: Fees are $600/year and they are applied to the sewer infrastructure that was installed by the developer for the benefit of the community. Similar to the “sewer frontage fee” found in older communities.

Architectural Review Board: New homes and exterior modifications to homes must be approved by the Board, and adhere to the architectural covenants and restrictions. This helps to maintain a beautiful community and strong home values.